Work Permit Inside Canada

Work Permit Inside Canada

You need a Canadian work permit if you are a foreign national and wish to work in Canada. To work temporarily in Canada, the majority of international workers require a work permit.


There are mainly two types of work permits:

  • Open Work Permit
  • Employer or Industry-specific Work Permit (Closed-Work Permit)


You may work in Canada under the terms of your permit with an employer-specific work permit (closed-work permit):

  • Time duration of Work Permit.
  • Location
  • Name of the specific employer.


A closed-work permit is another name for this kind of employment. It is contingent upon the applicant receiving a work offer from a Canadian company, accompanied by a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) that demonstrates that no Canadian citizen is now available to fill the position. This is a requirement for employment in Canada. In order to meet their special demands, Canadian firms temporarily recruit overseas workers. This work permit includes some categories that qualify for employer-specific work permits.

Open Work Permit

With an Open Work Permit, candidates can work in Canada for any authorized employer; there are no job restrictions. A job offer or a favorable Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from the applicant were not necessary for an Open Work Permit.

Open Work Permit May Be Applied By:

  • Spouses or common-law partners of international students enrolled full-time in academic programmes
  • A temporary foreign worker’s spouse or common-law partner who works in a level O, A, or B occupation. The National Occupation Classification claims that (NOC)
  • International graduates from post-secondary institutions in Canada.
  • A potential resident who has applied for permanent status.

How To Apply

  • Step 1: The application for a labour market impact assessment is the first step in getting a permission to work.
  • Step 2: After receiving a favourable LMIA, the applicant may apply for a work visa in Canada.

Basic Eligibility Requirements To Obtain A Temporary Work Permit.

  • You have a working work permit and are presently residing in Canada.
  • Graduated from a university or college in Canada
  • You are awaiting CIC to handle your application for permanent residence.

Program Under The Open Work Permit Category:

  • World Youth Program Permit
  • Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program Spouse Permit
  • Regular Open Work Permit
  • Bridging Open Work Permit
  • Temporary Work Permit for spouses and partners
  • Post-graduation Work Permit
  • Temporary Resident Permit

General Eligibility Requirements

  • Good health and, if necessary, a medical examination
  • No work plan with an employer who is designated as ineligible
  • Evidence that you have the resources necessary to support your family and yourself
  • No history of criminal behavior


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