Post-Graduation Work Permit

Post-Graduation Work Permit

For overseas students who desire to gain relevant job experience in Canada after graduation, the postgraduate work permit is the ideal option. Additionally, this programme aids foreign students in their transition from temporary residents to Canadian citizens. The maximum length of a post-graduation work permit is three years. The IRCC will only issue one Post-Graduation Work Permit to international students. Depending on how long the applicant’s academic programme in Canada was, a post-graduation employment visa may be valid for up to three years.

Eligibility For (PGWP) Post-Graduation Work Permit

  • Graduates of full-time academic or professional programmes are required.
  • Provide documentation demonstrating programme completion.
  • Needed a current study permit
  • Completed at least eight months of postsecondary education in Canada at an eligible institution
  • Application deadline is 180 days following receipt of a transcript.

How To Apply For A Post-Graduation Work Permit

To be granted a post-graduation work visa, the applicant must currently be in possession of a valid temporary status. You must graduate from an authorised learning institution that qualifies (DLI). You must provide convincing proof that you satisfy each of the following requirements.


You needed proof that they had been registered as full-time students in Canada during the programmes of study they had finished and submitted along with their post-graduation work permit application. Only the following are eligible for an exception:


You have successfully finished an 8-month academic, professional, or vocational training programme that results in a diploma or certificate at a Canadian institution that is eligible.


  • Leave from studies
  • Final academic session.


The candidate must have obtained a formal letter from the appropriate DLI attesting to the fact that he or she satisfies the program’s requirements. An application for a post-graduation work permit must be submitted with the transcript and official letter.

PGWP Application Timelines

After receiving official confirmation from the qualified DLI that all conditions for programme completion have been satisfied, candidates have 180 days to apply for the Post-Graduation Work Permit. Candidates have two choices if the research permission is set to expire before the results are in:


  • Obtain a visitor record to extend your stay in Canada.
  • Leave Canada and submit a PGWP application


Applicants must have a current study permit in order to apply.

Eligible Universities And Colleges

The educational establishment must fit one of the following categories:


  • A college or other type of public post-secondary institution
  • A private postsecondary college that follows the same guidelines as public ones
  • Private Canadian institution that is permitted by provincial law to award degrees, including bachelor’s, master’s, and other levels.


These immigration programmes have qualifying restrictions, and applicants must be aware of all requirements. We are available to provide you with the appropriate and efficient support if you intend to apply for a work visa in Canada and need expert support or services. We have significant expertise in immigration, which enables us to completely satisfy each client while adhering to deadlines.