Student Visa Outside Canada

Student Visa Outside Canada

The greatest method to make your ambition a reality and an opportunity to explore more job options is to obtain student visas outside of Canada, which is how international students from all over the world come to Canada to study. International students can work part-time in Canada without a Canadian work authorization thanks to the best feature of a student visa: this ability. The Study-Work-Immigrate package is the greatest benefit of studying in Canada.

The following requirements for the applicant must be met:

  • Completed IMM 1295 – Application for Study Permit Made Outside of Canada
  • English language test (IELTS, TOEFL etc.)
  • Be a law-abiding citizen with a spotless record.
  • Declaration of the caretaker – for students under 18
  • Passport photo and original
  • Be in good physical condition
  • Persuade an immigration officer that you’ll leave Canada once your studies are done.
  • Been approved by any recognised educational institution in Canada
  • Evidence of your ability to pay for your education and expenses
  • No benefits of inferred status will accrue to you.

Study Permit Eligibility Requirements

Examine your eligibility:

Applicants must fulfil the conditions for a Canadian study permit in order to submit an application. require a letter of approval from a DLI, evidence of financial support, and sometimes other paperwork depending on citizenship and place of residence. from a designated learning institution, a letter.


Get your application ready:

Once the individual has fulfilled all eligibility conditions, they can create a study permit application. with all the application-related documentation needed. If an applicant does not meet all standards, immigration officers reserve the power to deny study permits, thus it is wise to check all requirements and carefully analyze your application before submission.


Send in your application for a study permit:

When submitting your application, you have two choices:

  • Send a digital application: Create an account, upload documents that have been scanned or converted to electronic form, and submit the application.
  • Fill out and provide a paper application: Create a hard copy of your application, then mail it to the Visa Application Center (VAC). You will get a message when you submit your application letting you know it was received.


Approval of a study permit:

Before you reach a Canadian Port of Entry, you will not acquire your study permission for Canada. The Canadian government will give you a Port of Entry Introduction Letter if your permit is accepted. When you arrive in Canada, you must provide this letter to the immigration official in order to get your study permission.


If you’re asking yourself, why Canada for the study? The best education is provided in Canada, where you can build a successful profession and discover incredible chances for the future. CHD Immigration is here to help you through the entire procedure, from acquiring a study visa to filling out an application for permanent residency in Canada. Our professionals have extensive understanding of the immigration programmes and will provide you with the greatest guidance to help you avoid any problems. Because our team knows how valuable time and money are, they respond to clients quickly.