Super Visa

Super Visa

A multiple-entry entry visitor visa known as a “super visa” or “Parent Visa” in Canada is reserved only for the parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens. The parent and grandparent super visa is available for application both online and on paper. Without having to renew their status, holders are permitted to remain in Canada for up to two years at a time. To qualify for the super visa, applicants must be the parents or grandparents of Canadian citizens. The approval rate for Canadian Super Visas is roughly 83%. If a super visa is granted, the processing period will likely last for roughly 8 weeks after the application has been forwarded.

Some Important Considerations to Determine Whether an Applicant is Acceptable

  • Purpose of the visit
  • Financial situation
  • Invitations from Canadian hosts.

Eligibility for Super Visa

  • Be a citizen of Canada or their grandmother
  • Fill out and send the form [IMM5257] (to be filled out outside of Canada).
  • Canadian hosts’ invitations (with a letter that your child has signed)


A host in Canada must have extended an invitation to parents and grandparents. The host must earn a minimal amount of money in order to sustain the guest financially.


  • Medical insurance from a Canadian insurance provider is required of applicants, who must also present documentation of their private medical insurance from a Canadian insurance provider. Every time a person enters Canada, their insurance policy must be valid for at least a year.
  • Additionally, you must apply for a super visa from outside of Canada.

Super Visa Invitation Letter

A letter of invitation from a child or grandchild living in Canada must be submitted with the super visa application. The letter contains details on the grandparents and parents.

  • Complete name of Invitee
  • Detail of accommodation
  • Contact Details
  • Date of birth
  • Relationship to the host
  • The purpose of the visit
  • How long the invitee plans to stay in Canada
  • When the invitee plans to leave Canada
  • Where the invitee will stay, and how he/she plans finance purchases while in Canada.


The following information must be included about the host

  • Complete name of the host
  • Detail of accommodation
  • Date of birth
  • Contact Information
  • Job title
  • Information about current status (Canadian citizen or permanent citizen) in Canada including proof of status
  • Family details such as names and dates of birth


The Canada super visa allows parents and grandparents who need a Temporary Residence Visa (TRV) to travel between Canada and their country without having to reapply for a TRV.

Super Visa : Consult with an Immigration Professional

A super visa allows for up to two years of access into Canada with the option to ask for one-year extensions. If you intend to apply for a Canadian visa, you will need our professional assistance because the Super Visa application procedure can be difficult and time-consuming. Our first aim is to deliver results-driven services within your allocated budget. You can speak with our visa specialists about your needs and immigration preparation; we offer the greatest assistance and answers for you.